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Bracketless Mini Track


A slender aluminium profile with fine lines for lightweight curtains, voiles, sheers and nets.


Bracketless Track MiniExcel Topfix


A sturdy aluminium profile track with fine lines that has been prepunched for top fixing screws. MiniExcel’s swivel glider makes it especially suited to medium to heavy use or commercial applications. MiniExcel is able to be bent, including radial bends.

Bracketless Flanged Track


Available as Hand or Cord Draw, making it ideal for medium to heavy curtains fixing into a pelmet or ceiling. Both Flanged Facefix or Topfix tracks are available as Cord Draw in one way stack or centre close.

Any Flanged Track Cord Draw over 6000mm long are recommended to have a pull cord at each end.

Flanged Tracks are available in White and Ivory only as standard. We can colour match to your specification.


Flanged TopFix: This is a sturdy, aluminium curtain track that does not require brackets. This profile is pre-punched for fixing screws.


Flanged FaceFix: This profile is prepunched for fixing screws, making it ideal for the client who wishes to minimise light gaps during the day (great for night shift workers or nursery’s). It also allows for secure fixing in rental properties.



Specifically designed as a cubical track for showers, doctor’s rooms or fitting room dividers. This enclosed aluminium profile has no open channel where water or dust can collect. This meets the high hygiene standards expected for clinical or high humidity areas.

Sturdily mounted with end brackets and supported from the ceiling by a ceiling hanger. This track can be custom bent including Radial Bends and is available in colours to suit both modern and traditional decors.

Standard colours for ShowerTrack are White, Ivory and Bright Silver.

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