Q          Can you put more than 1 window covering on a window? A          Yes you can, you can put a blind on the window and a curtain over the top, or you can put two blinds into the same window.  We have bracket systems that allow for 2 blinds to be on the same brackets to allow a sunscreen/sheer or transparent blind to be teamed up with a black out option. Q          Can I purchase from you, the manufacturer? A          No, we are here to support our customers, the retailer.  This site is to showcase the different configurations available to the public. Q          What is the largest size I can have in a curtain track or blind? A          This answer is usually dependant on the style that you choose. A curtain track can be as long as you like.  Each length is 6.00m long and is joined on site by the fitter. The join is very discrete and does not affect the use of the track at all. With blinds it depends on the style of blind and in some cases the width of the fabric being used. We have maximum and minimum sizes that can be obtained safely in our manufacturing process that also means that it will stay in top shape.  We usually work on a maximum square metre size. We can also split larger sized blinds into multiple blinds that are installed together. Your curtaining or blind consultant will have all the information regarding this. Q          Can I motorise my tracks and blinds? A          Yes, there are two main styles of motorisation.
  1. Via a computer or cell phone. These systems are wired into your home by the computer software people and the blind or track is connected to this system.
  2. With a remote control or wall switch. The blinds or tracks have a remote control or wall switch that operate 1 or more blinds or tracks.

Curtain Tracks

Q          What colour can I get my curtain tracks in? A          We have 10 standard colours that are available for no extra charge. You can get your curtain tracks and Decorator Tracks in any colour you wish. We can powdercoat to your desired colour. We also colour the bottom rails of Roller Blinds to these 10 standard colours as well. Q          What is a projection of a bracket and why do you have so many? A          The projection of a bracket is the length it will come out from the wall. We need so many because every installation can be different. If you want to be close to the wall with your curtains you may want to try the 38mm or 50mm. If you need to come our further from the wall then you will need to have one of the larger projection brackets. Please note that if you have a larger style of blind (such as Verticals), door handles or window sills you may need to come out as far as our 110mm projection to clear these. Q          Do I have to go straight across the front of my bay window with my curtain track? A          No, many of our track ranges offer bends without affecting the flow of the track. We can create multiple bends within the length of the one track if needed. Please talk to your curtaining or blind consultant regarding this. Q          What is stack back and why is it needed? A          Stack back is the area of track beside the window where the curtain is pull off the window, clear of the glass. This is used to remove the curtain from the window and allow as much light as possible into the room through the window.


Q          What is the difference between ‘standard roll’ and ‘reverse roll?’ A          Standard roll = the fabric falls from the back of the roller. Reverse roll = falls from the front of the roller. Reverse Roll is best for fabrics where both sides of the fabric are not identical. Q          Are wooden venetians suitable in wet areas? A          We do not recommend Wooden blinds for wet areas. We suggest you use Mikronwood Lite, Austro Woodlook and/or Aluminium Venetians. These choices will not be affected by mould. Q          How do I care for my blinds? A          Please see the individual section of your blind type for care and installation tips. Q          Can I pull my blinds up every day? A          We do not recommend that you pull up heavy blinds every day. Heavier blinds such as Wooden or Fauxwood blinds are very heavy and pulling them up every day can wear out the inner workings and will wear out the mechanisms prematurely. Venetian style blinds are designed to stay down and the blades to tilt to control the light and privacy.