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Channel Blinds... Complement & Enclose Your Space!

New Zealand's Favourite Track-Guided Outdoor Blind System


Channel blinds have locking mechanisms which allow the blinds to be locked when fully down, providing a secure hold, even in windy conditions. With our unique Centre Lock Release you can unlock both the left and right locks simultaneously from the centre.


● Enhance your indoor and outdoor environments into one harmonious space


● Additional protection in all seasons from, Sun, Wind, Rain & UV


● Safe guided Spring Balance System is simple to pull down and push up. No Zips, Cranks or Buckles


● No wind rattle


● Centre Lock Release for simple adjustment that can stop at any height


● Custom-made for every installation


● Available in Shadeview 5% openness or Clear PVC


● Five year warranty on parts and fabric

Cast Bracket

Cast Bracket with Back Flashing

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